Blog a Day 229of365: A Vicious Circle

Today I’ve reached the vicious circle of blogging. I’ve had an excellent and busy day today. Obviously this is great news. However this creates the problem. It’s been so busy that I didn’t get home till gone 11pm. I had nothing to write about before I left at 1.30pm so I’ve left this entry till now. I’ve got plenty to say but no energy to actually write it.

I’ve already spent the past 30 minutes doing some Resolution based work that needed doing (and again, wasn’t available to do before I went out) and really it’d be nice to spend the next 20 minutes or so relaxing before I go to bed. Instead I’m writing this while yawning with aching eyes.

Tomorrow morning I’ll probably blog about today. It was a good day. One worthy of writing about. I’m too tired to do it justice. Way too tired.

So we come to the vicious circle. Having something to say but being too busy to say it. If I didn’t have anything to say, it’d make for a dull entry. Bugger, I still feel far too tired to write any more than 200 or so words of rambling.

Sod it, this is my excuse. I’ll write more tomorrow.