Blog a Day 226of365: Weekly Roundup

Time for a weekly roundup today as I’m having a lovely, leisurely day and I’m going out soonish for the evening. A few astute readers may have noticed that I haven’t been as prolific of late. Yeah I know. I don’t like it either. I’ll have to rectify that soon. In saying that, I’ve got two pieces for waiting in the wings as well as a review for VideoGameUK so the work is continuing. The To Do list is also steadily growing so hopefully I’ll be back to being prolific once more!

Anyway, on with this roundup of recent things.

First up, a review of Shrek Forever After on the PS3. It’s a bland game. Yup, bland, bland, bland.

It’s been a strong time of late for the kids game genre. LEGO Harry Potter was ridiculously enjoyable, even for adults, and Toy Story 3?s toybox mode has put a smile on even the most cold-hearted of adult gamers. Even better, both games have been rather highly regarded by their target audience – children – too. So it’s a shame then that Shrek Forever After is quite a step backwards. Even more frustratingly, it clearly had the potential to be quite good but it doesn’t manage it. While it’s not terrible, it’s not really very good either.

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Then I ripped off an excellent idea that Lewis used once upon a time when he’d acquired a DS for a couple of weeks. I wrote about my experiences with 9 Dreamcast games in the space of an hour.

So what happens when you combine a writer with very limited time, a Sega Dreamcast and a pile of games yet to be played? This, basically.

Having been inspired by Lewis’s 17 Games in 60 Minutes, I thought I’d pay homage/steal a good idea and do something similar with the Dreamcast.

You see, I never had a Dreamcast the first time round. It inexplicably passed me by. I did make up for this heinous error a few years ago but then I was a fool – again – and sold it. Silly me. Fortunately, by a fluke of luck and thanks to some very kind friends, I now have a Dreamcast again. Hurrah. The only thing is I don’t have as much time as I used to and I’ve got 9 games to play through.

What better way of dealing with this than going the ‘Denby’ route and playing as much as possible in the space of 60 minutes.

After much fiddling around with the aerial cable to find that it just decided to magically work again – I began.

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And finally a review of Toy Story 3 which is terrific fun indeed!

The calming effects of gaming should never be ignored. Of course it’s easy to ignore how relaxing they can be. For the most part we spend our gaming time shooting things, driving fast cars and saving the world. There’s more to gaming than that though – honest. An ideal example is Toy Story 3, a game that’s far from perfect but can’t help but make you smile.

Full review

That’s a wrap for one week. I’ve got things to do!