Blog a Day 223of365: The calm before the storm

Due to learning a few things about my ‘day’ job today, I’ve got a feeling that next week is going to be very, very hectic. I won’t know for certain for a couple of days but I think I need to plan ahead.

In which case, tomorrow is going to be a productive day. Honest. My intentions? Write two reviews (one’s already in note form), put together two Ikea DVD racks, put various DVDs actually in said DVD racks, make a couple of phone calls I’ve been putting off, and of course the usual inbox based fun and anything else Resolution wise that comes my way.

Obviously I won’t get all of this done. It’s a negative attitude to take but something’s bound to go slightly wrong. Which is precisely why I’m aiming to do this all on Thursday. It means that anything that doesn’t get done can be completed on Friday instead.

Assuming this plan works, I can mostly have the weekend off then. I say the weekend off: I’ve got a few plans for Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening I’m at work. It’s something though!

Fortunately I work better when I have lots of things to do. I’m not entirely sure why but it does seem to work out that way. I’m very glad this busy period at the ‘day’ job has appeared before the busy period for games though, otherwise it could be a different story!