Blog a Day 221of365: A Hard Knock Day

Oh what a day it’s been. Ever have one of those days where technically nothing new has happened, yet all the crap that was lingering in the background has re-appeared, more stressful than ever? That’s the sort of day I’ve had.

It makes it difficult to know what to write about really. I don’t fancy discussing the problems of today. But nor do I have the energy or inclination to write about something else. I guess this is where the problems of OneADay appear. Finding something to write about every day and actually having the energy to do so.

I could face my inner fears and worries of course, but that’s a bit deep and I’d really rather not. Not today at least.

Really, today I’m killing time. I’m writing a sufficient amount so that I can count this as an entry. Then I’m going to play Dragon Quest V till I decide to write the day off and go to bed. Of course with the optimism that tomorrow will be better.

Oh there were two real highlights to the day actually.

1) I finally played Braid for more than 5 minutes. Yes I’m 2 years too late. It’s good of course. I’ll be playing more of it tomorrow I suspect. Returning to these untouched games is an excellent way to stop me having the urge to buy new ones!

2) This. I think Lewis has described this perfectly on Twitter. Special beyond words indeed.

I’m tired. We all know this isn’t going to be a great blog entry. I’m ending it here. Promise to do better tomorrow!