Blog a Day 220of365: Running Round in Circles

This weekend has been very rushed. I haven’t really enjoyed it. I feel like I’ve been constantly clock watching to move onto the next thing.

I haven’t had the longest of shifts at work, it’s just that I’ve had lots of other things to do. Writing based things, chores, sorting out things, that kind of stuff. Not much of it has been fun unfortunately. A further kick in the teeth ensued when money woes reared its ugly head. So I feel utterly deflated really.

I’m hoping that maybe I can create my own ‘weekend’ so to speak and have a couple of days to relax. It remains to be seen as to whether it’ll actually happen though. I suspect not but it’s a nice dream.

On the plus side, I have no ‘day’ job work until next Sunday. This probably doesn’t help on the money woes front admittedly but on the sanity side of things, it helps a lot!

So yes, a rushed weekend. Where does it all go?

I won a copy of King Arthur from Strategy Informer. It arrived Saturday. I had time to install it, mostly because I did this at the same time as half a dozen other things. I still haven’t played it though. It’s 11.47pm now. Maybe if I play it very briefly after writing this…Hmm but again I’ll be clock watching. Oh what a vicious circle.

I’m doomed to be spending this weekend running round in circles aren’t I? Even when I’m down to the last *checks* 8 minutes. *sighs*