Blog a Day 21of365: An ode to the humble bath

Baths are brilliant aren’t they? Not the City of Bath sorry, although that’s lovely, I mean the ones full of water. A banal start to a blog post perhaps but I’ve been suitably lulled by my recent bath and could quite happily fall asleep now.

When things are busy in life, a bath is fantastic escapism. I don’t have a shower available to me which is a pity as when it comes to hit and run cleaning affairs, there’s nothing that quite beats a shower. However when it comes to completely relaxing, a bath wins every time.

Completely cut off from the world, once you’re in that tub that’s it really. Sure if the phone rings you can go answer it, but it would involve drying yourself very quickly and rushing down the stairs fast (which really isn’t a good idea, I should know!). Simply put who can be arsed when you’re already in that lovely warm tub? I don’t take a book or magazine with me very often, nor listen to the radio or my iPhone. I like having minimal distractions and simply letting the weight of the day’s events fall off me.

Annoyingly it does backfire sometimes. My brain won’t stop thinking about something bad and instead of relaxed joy, I’ll be stuck in the bath with nothing but increasingly worried thoughts. Earlier though, it wasn’t like that. Instead I felt calm and free of the stresses of the world. The sort of feeling that makes you want to escape the world, cast aside the laptop, the iPhone, the stresses of modern day life, and simply go live with monks. Or something like that. Ok maybe not quite so extreme as I think I’d get bored of the monk/nun life very quickly. But it’d still be nice to learn to switch off a bit more frequently than just in the bath.