Blog a Day 219of365: Cold Turkey

I’m busy going cold turkey this month. Embarrassingly it’s much harder than I expected. The urges keep returning and my willpower wavering. It doesn’t help that I can’t avoid the temptation. It’s there at work, at so many stores and, of course, online.

What is it, you may ask? Actually you should already know really assuming you read this blog regularly. Very big hint here.

I didn’t expect it to be hard to maintain. It turns out it is, which is all the more reason to do it. Like most things of this ilk, it’s a habit rather than anything. The urge to buy a bargain, simply in case I miss out on the bargain of the century. I won’t of course. Price drops almost always last. That and the fact that I have enough games to play as it is, I have no need for these games. Instead I have a need for improving my finances.

So what have I been most tempted by so far?

Well there was the pre-owned copy of Demon’s Souls at work. The one with the strategy guide and all that. It was £34.99. After my discount it would have only been £28. It was sorely tempting. I didn’t buy it though and instead it was me that served the guy buying it. He’d better treat it well.

Work has been a constant source of temptation actually.

They’ve currently got Final Fantasy: Crisis Core for £7.95 (£6.40ish for me) and Resident Evil on the Gamecube for £1.95 (£1.55ish!) but I’m resisting. Do I really need them after all? I’ve got plenty of PSP games to play as it is and a Gamecube game? Really?

Then there are the online temptations. The Sims 3 is a big one. A game that has been tempting me for oh so long. I love the series so much. It’s a real guilty pleasure but so much fun also. I’ll buy it one day I’m sure. It’s just the matter of justifying a £30 PC game purchase. I’m a cheapskate after all. I might spend a lot on games but individually, I stick to sub £20 prices.

Finally the other grand temptation was this. It’s a good offer. It was even better at the start as one of the games was Breath of Fire 3 on the PSP, oh so tempting! Now though, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Grand Theft Auto Chinatown are tempting enough.

I won’t though. I’ll resist.


2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 219of365: Cold Turkey

  1. Marco

    I’m doing exactly the same thing (as I’m off to the US for 3 weeks in September) and I’m managing it! Just replaying the games I’ve bought over the past year that I’ve not touched.

  2. Daniel Lipscombe

    My advice would be to take up smoking… here me out!

    Take up smoking for, say, a week. Smoke 20 a day, which is roughly £45-50 per week. THEN, give up and declare that the money you save on fags can be spent on games. Simple 😉

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