Blog a Day 217of365: Dispelled concerns

A couple of months ago I mentioned my friend who was coming back from Australia soon. In the end she didn’t get back till last weekend having spent a few weeks travelling around Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia first.

She got back Sunday night but due to work I didn’t actually get a chance to call her till tonight.

I was a little nervous. I was worried we’d have changed. After all, she’s seen and experienced so much more than me. I’m the lowly aspiring writer who isn’t quite where she wants to be yet. Fortunately I had absolutely no reason to be concerned.

She answered as she was leaving work having just finished her shift. Only a 30 second chat but one that instantly quelled all my concerns. She said she’d phone me back once she got in from work but I didn’t really expect her to. After all she’d only just finished her second shift having only got back from Cambodia a few days earlier. She was bound to be knackered.

She did call back though and we had a great chat. We both talked ninety to the dozen. We made plans to meet up, probably to go to the cinema. Not quite set in stone. She’s got a rather complicated work rota now that she’s working in the local A&E department. But hopefully in a couple of weeks time we’ll meet up. I now feel comfortable in the knowledge that it’ll be just like old times. She’s still the same brilliant friend who I’ve known for over 15 years now through all sorts of changes.

It’ll be good 🙂