I’m a terribly shallow person at times. This is probably quite apparent to some friends.

Now admittedly I’m not shallow when it comes to friends or family. I don’t judge people according to what they look like, what they wear or anything like that.

No, I’m shallow when it comes to the films I watch.

I like to consider my film taste as pretty varied. Especially when I can watch so many films for free thanks to work. I’ll happily rent most films excluding slasher horror films.

I do however have a weakness. Films starring men I find attractive.

This is how I find myself watching Case 39 while I write this. It’s some slightly dodgy film that hardly reached the cinema starring Renee Zellweger as a social worker who adopts a kid who turns out to be pure evil. Well I’m guessing she does, the film’s not over yet but there’s something supernaturally screwed up about her. It also stars Bradley Cooper. Yup, that’ll be why I’m watching it.

I watched the Midnight Meat Train (which I won courtesy of Empire Online) as he was in it. It was pretty awful. Actually it was quite unintentionally funny.

Fortunately I’m a big fan of The Hangover and Yes Man anyway so it’s just serendipitous that he’s in them both. Also saw The A Team earlier which was excellent anyhow.

I’m the same with Daniel Craig and Robert Downey Jr. In both cases though, they’re good actors as well as choose (mostly) good films to star in. Cooper – well I haven’t really seen him act particularly well. He’s played his part fine each time but he’s never been tested. It’ll be interesting to see if one day he does switch from the norm and demonstrate that he’s more than just a pretty face.

Of course if he does remain as just a pretty face, I won’t be complaining too much anyhow. We’re all allowed our shallow moments after all!

Blog a Day 216of365: Shallowness