Blog a Day 214of365: Oh dear

I was aiming to write this entry after work as nothing had happened beforehand. I figured something was bound to happen at work and thus an exciting or humorous blog entry would be born. It didn’t happen like that though.

Work was mindnumbingly dull while simultaneously being so disheartening that I feel thoroughly out of sorts now. Oh and my feet hurt. Lots.

So now I feel like working extra hard tomorrow on the writing front and pitching to everyone possible. Pitching what is something I haven’t yet determined. Hopefully inspiration will kick in overnight. It’s annoying to know that you put a lot of hard work into things but your bank account doesn’t quite reflect it. Oh well.

At least the cat seemed very grateful to see me return from work. Actually so was my Mum but I tend to expect that, the cat’s moodier though. He climbed on me and went to sleep for a bit which is his way of saying ‘I love you lots’. It was calming too as I was in quite a ranting mood once I’d left work. I think he’s still a bit insecure after my trip to London. He’s not good with people leaving for any length of time and it’s quite obvious it affects him. I forgot to put my backpack away for a few days and he kept sniffing it and seeming a bit anxious. I didn’t realise till the weekend that he was worried that I was going somewhere again! When I picked up, he followed me until I put it in the wardrobe. He seemed a lot calmer then.

Oh dear, I sound like a mad cat woman….ah sod it, I probably am.

I don’t know if this is coming across in my writing but tonight I feel distinctly in a rambley, not quite all there sort of mood. I should definitely get some sleep soon I think…in fact I’m going to……now.