Returning back to 30 days of film blogging, I find myself at ‘A movie that you’ve seen countless times’.

There are quite a few of those. I’m terrible for watching a film over and over again if I enjoy it. I think the most watched one is Arsenic and Old Lace, an absolutely brilliant farce from the 1940s starring Cary Grant.

I’m not a big fan of farce (despite loving Frasier which is just full of farcical situations) but I adore Arsenic and Old Lace. It’s a Frank Capra film and one that I’d argue is better than It’s a Wonderful Life even.

Cary Grant plays a drama critic who – on his way to his honeymoon – pops in to visit his beloved aunts. Turns out that his aunts are murderers. They entice in old, lonely men then poison their drinks. Once dead, they’re buried in the cellar by Cary Grant’s deranged Uncle who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt and that he’s digging the Panama canal. The sisters think that they’re doing the old men a service as they’re so lonely. Throw in Cary Grant’s truly nasty brother who re-appears on the scene and the situation is farcical to say the least.

It’s a dark tale but with some brilliantly comical moments. The dialogue is razor sharp too.

The action takes place almost solely in the living room of the house so it’d make a fantastic play. I’d love to see a live performance of it sometime.

If you get a chance to see it, you really should. It’s hardly aged at all and it holds up perfectly to many viewings.

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