Blog a Day 212of365: Weekly Roundup

Weekly roundup time. I’ve spent the day at my Aunt’s as it was her birthday yesterday. It’s been a crazy week and I’m well and truly having a weekend off writing! Except for OneADay of course!

The week started with my review of Dragon Quest IX for Resolution. Good times:

I was worried about Dragon Quest IX at first. All the previews I’d read suggested a heavy focus on local multiplayer play. As someone who bizarrely has no DS owning and RPG loving friends living nearby, I was worried that this would be to the detriment of the single player side of things. That and I’m an increasingly grumpy RPG fan who likes the choice of playing anti socially. Call me the multiplayer Grinch, I don’t mind. So I was rather pleased to see that my initial concerns for Dragon Quest IX were quickly quashed. While its multiplayer functionality is a fine addition, it’s not essential to your enjoyment, if – like me – you’re grumpy. And the rest of the game? While it might not supersede Dragon Quest VIII it’s clearly one of the best RPGs on the DS.

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Then of course was my big trip to London. This formed the basis of two articles as I had a lot to say. One looking at the various Wii games I got to try out while there, and of course a hands-on look at the 3DS. First up the Wii roundup:

I rather enjoyed Nintendo’s E3 press conference in June. It was easily my favourite of the big three thanks to a lovely line up of re-imaginings of games of my youth as well as some new innovations with familiar IPs. Sure it might not have been quite as original as it could have been, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Then of course there was the 3DS: the console that promises to bring 3D to people’s hands and without the need for glasses. So I was rather happy when Nintendo kindly invited me to see the 3DS for myself as well as a few other intriguing Wii and DS based attractions.

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Then the 3DS preview…

After spending a while with the Wii games, it seemed like a good time to move onto the DS side of the event. After all this was what I’d come here for in the first place. Joined by he-who-created-this-fine-site, Lewis Denby, we take to the 3DS displays. We’re immediately surrounded by pristine Nintendo women all with identical uniforms and perfectly manicured nails. They usher us immediately to the Mario Kart display. My first experience of the 3D effects, how exciting.

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Finally I ended the week with a review of Breath of Death VII, a fantastic RPG on the Xbox Indie Marketplace. Priced at a bargainous 80 points!

It almost feels a little pointless reviewing Breath of Death VII. It only costs 80 points, so how cheap do you have to be not to at least give it a shot? And if ever an Xbox LIVE Indie game deserved your time and precious points, it’s Breath of Death VII. It’s an absolute bargain and a great example of just what is possible under the Xbox LIVE Indie name.

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And that’s it for one week. I’m off to watch Memento at last.