Blog a Day 211of365: A Pledge for August

I’m writing a OneADay and it’s only midday. What’s wrong with me?

Admittedly I’m rehashing an old idea that I’ve blogged about a few times this year: the backlog.

The backlog is huge due to my non-existent willpower, review games and free rentals.

I’m a bit poor. Going to London and being a little too extravagant didn’t help admittedly but generally it’s just because I don’t earn much at all. I’ve got my Mum’s birthday and Christmas looming that a bit closer and I’d like to be able to afford it all.

So this seems like a good time to say enough is enough. It’s the 30th July, I did buy a very cheap Dragon Quest game yesterday. That’s it. No more game purchases – digital or retail – until September. No matter what. It’s the summer drought anyway, I can’t think of anything that I’d urgently want. Plus I can always buy it later in the year. I’ll still have review copies coming in too which helps!

Hopefully a month of no games purchases will do the trick. I don’t actually spend much on other things besides bills and ‘bargain’ games so that’ll be fine. In fact, I’ll go so far to say that my only ‘big’ purchase until September will be Shutter Island on blu-ray which I’m buying on Monday. That’s it.

While I have no willpower when I allow it to happen, I’m actually quite stubborn about keeping to these things. After all, I’ve managed 200+ blog entries this year, I’ve evidently got willpower somewhere!

Oh and this is also going to apply to MMOs, namely World of Warcraft. It’s just sensible. It is £8 a month after all and I probably wouldn’t play it enough anyhow.

So yes, that’s my pledge for the month.

Let’s see if this backlog can be reduced in that time.

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