I’m tired enough tonight that I really can’t be bothered to blog. I’m going to though, just don’t expect any wonders.

I’ve been absolutely worn out today and despite that, I’ve achieved a lot.

I popped into work as a workmate wanted to hear all about it. Had a good time chatting with him. Also managed to leave with a dirt cheap copy of Dragon Quest 5 for the DS, my payslip so I know how much I’m getting paid tomorrow (phew! That’s why I bought the dirt cheap DS game, I knew I could) and my shift times for next week. Turns out next week is going to be a busy one. I’m working 4 shifts which is at least twice as many as I normally work if not four times the amount! It’s good really. The money will be very useful. The part where I earn it, not so great.

As I’m knackered, just the thought of it makes me want to sigh. Think of the money eh? Be nice to have a vaguely ok bank account again.

I’ve also spent the afternoon writing up my preview pieces from the Nintendo event. It turned quite long. 2 articles worth in fact as I decided it was best to separate the DS stuff from the Wii stuff. It was tiring and felt a little neverending near the end, got there though!

This evening? Well the dinner’s in the oven and it’s 9pm. By the time I eat that it’ll be 9.30pm if not later. So the evening’s going to be a short one. I don’t really have the energy to do much anyway so that’s ok.

I’ve got some more writing work to do tomorrow – the paid variety, hurrah – but after that I’m having the weekend off. I’ve got a 6hr shift at work on Monday which is a long shift compared to what I usually do! So I deserve 2 days entirely off before that I think.

Blog a Day 210of365: *yawns*