Blog a Day 20of365: Fishing Fun

What constitutes fun?

Fun is a strange concept isn’t it. It’s so terribly subjective that at times it’s impossible to explain. For example, tonight I spent a sizeable portion of my evening with one eye on the TV and one eye on World of Warcraft. I could have been questing away or grinding experience fast, fully taking advantage of the mere 4 days I have left on my free trial. What was I doing? Fishing. Bloody fishing.

The idea of fishing in ‘real’ life seems daft to me. I know it has its uses (the fact we gain fish from it and erm…that’s all I’ve got) but as a hobby I don’t get it. Far too often, it’s cold and involves getting up when it’s still dark, fishing is not for me. I appreciate it’s fun for some but it’s hard for me to ‘get’.

In the case of Warcraft fishing though, it’s hooked me. Again. I’m pretty sure skill increases have become easier to achieve since the last time I played (around the time of Wrath of the Lich King) which has made it all the more compelling for me. It’s silly. I started out fishing simply to complete one quest even though I had half a dozen more profitable ones to complete. But no, I persevered.

I did briefly consider leaving the fishing and getting on with the other quests then I thought about it and decided I should stick with whatever I’m having fun doing. It’s odd to admit that this is fishing though. Eventually I had enough fish for my quest and my fishing skill was at 70 odd. I want another fishing quest to do though damnit!

I suppose I’ll get hooked on tailoring or leatherworking next.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 20of365: Fishing Fun

  1. Rachel

    Skill increases have been greatly improved on the fishing front… you probably already know, but just in case you don’t, they also removed the skill level requirement. Now you can fish anywhere you like and your skill level just affects whether you’ll fish up junk or decent stuff.

  2. Darren aka Kainz UK

    Sometimes the dullest of assumed skills can be the most enjoyable. As I said over Twitter, I was a Fisherman in Ultima Online for years despite the devs ignoring it in favour of boring PvP systems. Fishing made me millions in the game thanks to the sales of MiB’s (message in a bottles), old paints, and treasure maps!

    Fishing rocks 🙂

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