Blog a Day 208of365: On the way, almost

This is another hurried OneADay. Sorry about that.

I slept later than I probably should have, not getting up till 10. Work last night took it out of me as it was busier than usual.

I’ve got to leave for the station at about 11.45ish leaving me with just over an hour now to pack, get this written and generally become vaguely organised rather than headless chicken-ish.

I’ve got a list drawn up of things to pack at least so in theory, I won’t forget anything. I will though. I always do. It just seems to work out that way. Usually it’s something like a comb or hairbrush which is really rather useful when you’re female and have rather thick hair to contend with!

Today as it’s only an overnight trip, the list seems to be full of chargers. I hate the threat of boredom so I’m taking my PSP, DS and packed my iPhone full of music and games. And of course the laptop too. Oh and a magazine. It’s a 3hr trip to London, I probably don’t need that much entertainment but it’s just in case. At least my poor battered DS Lite can go ‘home’ so to speak for a bit.

I’m also meeting up with good friends later on that I’ve been wanting to meet for ages! So there’ll no doubt be pictures too. I get back at 7pmish tomorrow so as long as I remember to OneADay then, all will be fine.

Right, I feel as if I should finish this entry and get packing. I’m starting to feel twitchy that it could somehow take longer than it should! It shouldn’t, but well, who knows.