Blog a Day 207of365: Time Vanished

Quick I’ve got five minutes to write something before I go to work!

Yeah today has been one of those days. I think it’s my own fault. I started the day in quite a relaxed mood. I actually played a game for fun. For fun! I know. The game was Split/Second by the way, it’s damn good fun too.

Of course I had things to do but I had the whole day ahead of me, right?

I wrote up a little list of things I needed to pack for tomorrow. No problem so far, I’ll do that later on. I knew I had a bit of writing work that I wanted to get done before I go away, again no problem at all. Plenty of time.

So I popped out to do a quick bit of shopping and post some parcels. Got home, only 3.30pm. Plenty of time before I go to work at 8. I finally started getting on with some writing, having decided that I’d do my packing later on at 6ish while dinner was cooking.

Throw in editing related things and being distracted by Twitter, Facebook and forums, time was going fast. It was ok though. No work till 8 after all.

Then the phone rang. Can you come in earlier tonight? It’s busy. So I’m going into work for 7. That one hour was surprisingly crucial. Food had to go in the oven immediately. I started typing like a possessed person. I still am in fact.

I get most of the article written. It’s 6.30pm. I have 5 minutes to do something before I get changed for work and go. I write this.

It’s 6.35pm now. I need to get changed and go to work. I’ll come back at 10.45pmish. I have an article to finish, packing to do, editing to do. Possibly some relaxing too but I doubt it.


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  1. Lewis

    Jennifer Allen! I’ll DM you my number on Twitter. Give us a shout Wednesday morning and I’ll come say hi.

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