Blog a Day 206of365: A year since my broken foot

I forgot to mention this a few days ago, it was the first anniversary of breaking my foot on Friday.

Amazing to think how rushing down the stairs half asleep can cause such a problem! It wrote off my summer entirely.

I might have got plenty of gaming in but it was a horrible summer. My only vaguely fond memories of it are playing through Ghostbusters on my shiny new PS3 (perhaps foolishly, my savings went on a PS3 the day after I broke my foot – I’ve yet to regret it though!) and playing through Batman Arkham Asylum twice!

Of course being laid up for so long completely wrecked my fitness levels. I was off work from the end of July until the end of December which was financially crippling, I’m still trying to get my finances back to the level that they were at last year. I’d underestimated how good the exercise I gained from work was. Having used a pedometer since, it turns out I walk a good 4-5 miles on a relatively short shift at work plus have to squat regularly which is great exercise!

I still don’t really feel like my fitness levels are back where they were. I still have problems with my foot which doesn’t help. It’s nowhere near as problematic as it used to be but nor is it as strong as it should be. I do seem to have less stamina than I used to though which is rather crap.

It’s partly my own fault. While I pushed it a lot earlier in the year, I’ve been complacement lately. Crappy weather or laziness has meant I haven’t gone walking as much as I should. I did buy EA Sports Active on the Wii but since an initial few attempts (which was much earlier in the year and reminded me that my foot had plenty of problems), I haven’t touched it. I really must soon.

So yeah, don’t rush downstairs. Odds are it won’t be worth the risk!