Blog a Day 205of365: Weekly Roundup

Let’s have a roundup blog entry then. I’m frantically working hard today before I go to my ‘day’ job as I spontaneously went to see Inception yesterday instead of kept working. I mentioned before how good Inception was, didn’t I? It really is very good. Go see it.

Oh yeah, roundup time. It’s been a few weeks since I last did an update, a month in fact I think, as I’ve been ill. So here we go.

I can’t remember if I’ve already linked to this, but at the end of last month I wrote a hands-on preview of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s looking pretty intriguing so far. Anyway go take a look at the full piece at Reso:

A confession is needed here. I’m a bit of a wimp. Not a full blown coward, but still a bit of a wimp. When playing horror games like the Resident Evil series or Dead Space, I’ll jump at relevant moments but they won’t scare me. They don’t get under my skin and keep me constantly on edge. That pleasure is left to the fearsome Silent Hill series, especially the latest: Shattered Memories. There’s a very crucial reason for this. It’s more of a matter of survival than anything else. Being thrust into a peculiar world with no weapons is scary. No one likes feeling out of their element.

Full preview

Then there was my final piece for B4HD (:(), a retrospective piece on Theme Hospital. God, I loved Theme Hospital so much.

Being ill is no joke. I should know. In the week before writing this retrospective, I’ve been ill with the flu. There’s nothing remotely funny about it, it’s just a horrible period of suffering, sleeplessness and an inability to breathe properly. It’s vile. So it’s a real accomplishment that Theme Hospital is so enjoyable as well as frequently laugh out loud funny too.

Full article

Following that is my review of episode four of Sam & Max Season 3. It’s not as strong as previous instalments if you ask me but the rest of the season is well worth the asking price so far.

Episode four of The Devil’s Playhouse feels like a step backwards compared to the ingenious dramatic devices used in the past two episodes. That’s not to say that episode four isn’t enjoyable, it certainly is. It just doesn’t feel as fresh and exciting as the brilliant earlier instalments. This time round it’s a return to solid point and click territory, albeit with the typically zany Sam & Max twist.

Full review

Then there was my iPhone roundup for Reso. Not a good week for iPhone games unfortunately.

A shorter iPhone roundup this time round. Also a much delayed one thanks to yours truly being struck down with flu for two weeks. At least this meant plenty of time lying in bed with nothing but a trusty iPhone to keep me company. In which case, it’s a pity that this week’s line-up is far from brilliant.

Full article

And finally, Lego Harry Potter for VideoGameUK. I loved it despite not being a Harry Potter fan.

LEGO and Harry Potter is a match made in heaven, and this is quite clear once you start playing. Sitting here pondering what I wanted to say in this review, I realised I was grinning just thinking about my experiences with it. In an increasingly cynical world of blood and guts, it’s lovely to come across a game that’s just plain happy. Everything about LEGO Harry Potter oozes positivity.

Full review

So there we go, back to work I go. I’ve got words to write!