Blog a Day 203of365: Next Week

I can’t think of any made for TV movies that I’ve seen in recent years, not even any crap ones. Evidently I must be a bit of a film snob. In which case I’ll be skipping over the ‘Favourite made for TV movie’ blog entry in 30 days of film. Sorry but nothing comes to mind!

It’s been a busy week for me. I’m still frantically playing catch up from being ill for the last couple of weeks. I’m winning the battle at least. I’m also increasingly excited at my trip to London next week.

I’m off to see the new Nintendo 3DS (I may have mentioned this before, sorry if so!). Funnily enough I’m more excited about everything surrounding it. I love train journeys for one. I get to see and stay with a good friend who I haven’t seen in a good 18 months. We’re going to Brick Lane for a curry which sounds brilliant to me. Even better, I finally get to meet Shoinan and SamdyBrown. I’ve wanted to meet them both for ages and should have met them last year at the Eurogamer Expo if it wasn’t that my broken foot didn’t heal fast enough. I consider them good friends so it’ll be excellent to finally meet them.

It’s a shame really that my visit is rather fleeting on the whole. I get to London at 3.30ish on the Tuesday and leave the city at around the same time on the Wednesday. I’d love to spend more time there and meet up with more people. Still, maybe I’ll be able to go more often if more press invites come up and train tickets stay as inexpensive.

Hopefully next week will be a good week even if Monday could be a bit problematic for other reasons.

You never know, it might even make me feel more secure in my ambitions! Probably not but it’d be handy 😉

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 203of365: Next Week

  1. Lewis

    Hey, I’m going to Nintendo’s bash too! I’m arriving Tuesday lunchtime ish and leaving Wednesday afternoon. Are you going to the event both days or just one?

  2. Sam

    My favourite TV movie is “Black Point” with David Caruso. He runs A LOT and looks very pensive throughout.

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