Blog a Day 202of365: Favourite love story in a movie

I’m not sure if my choice says something about my love life, or lack of it. It probably does actually considering my choice is a love story that doesn’t quite happen. It’s the one in Lost in Translation.

A film which on paper doesn’t sound overly appealing. Bill Murray sort of falling for a rather young Scarlet Johansson? Sounds lecherous doesn’t it? It’s actually very sweet though. Crucially nothing really happens physically. It’s more about the meeting of two minds. Two lonely souls meeting in a foreign land and forming a bond.

In many ways nothing really happens in the film but that’s what makes it so good. It’s the suggestions that it leaves. Even right at the end, Bill Murray’s character whispers something in Johansson’s ear and the audience is left not knowing what’s said. It’s all down to your interpretation.

It’s sad too. There’s no happy ending, no resolution. Perhaps it’s more true to life than many of us care to admit. It just focuses on a fleeting moment, something that in the grand scheme of things didn’t really go anywhere but it clearly had potential to go places.

Subtle and touching, it just seems to offer more to me than more obvious love stories. Not that admittedly I’d want a life like the one offered in the film!

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