Blog a Day 201of365: A movie that makes you sad

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Perhaps not for conventional reasons. It’s an absolutely lovely film, one of my favourites. A favourite that I haven’t seen in over two years.

My Dad bought me it while out shopping in Morrisons. This was at the start of 2008. I was ill at the time, flu-y type thing albeit a flu type thing that made my heartbeat briefly irregular meaning I was off work until my body sorted itself out. It was a lovely thing of him to do and cheered me up a treat. I never actually got round to seeing it though for reasons that I’ve since forgotten.

Then he died.

It’s been sitting in my collection ever since. I can’t quite bring myself to watch it. It’s a sad film anyhow which doesn’t help but for some reason it feels like it’ll be a challenge to watch it.

On that note it’s a similar tale with Love Actually. A film that as a family we’d watch every Christmas (I say every Christmas, it probably works out as the three previous Christmases). We watched it again on the last Christmas. I remember my Mum not being overly keen because we knew the script so well, but my Dad and I encouraged her. It was my favourite Christmas film. Got me into the spirit perfectly. Now? Well, I haven’t seen it since that Christmas. Last year I planned on getting the nerve to watch it but I didn’t. Maybe this year I’ll manage it.

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  1. Chris Schilling

    🙁 You really do miss him, that much is clear. Hopefully you’ll watch them both and be left with nothing but fond and happy memories of your dad rather than a feeling of sadness.

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