Blog a Day 200of365: A distraction from 30 days of film

This week is what I like to call a ‘hit the ground running’ sort of week. I’ve been out of action for two weeks thanks to this vile flu thing. Fortunately in the last couple of days I’ve felt a bit better. Not great mind you. My appetite is still hit and miss and I’m still coughing regularly. My energy levels are low too. However I have felt a bit more like myself, sort of.

This means that I need to play catch up. Having not written anything longer than a OneADay or an email in two weeks means there is plenty to do. Luckily my editors have been very patient, especially that one from Resolution. Lovely woman 😉

I also have the additional deadline that I want to get almost everything done in time for my trip to London next week. I’ll have that to write up anyway and it’d be nice to be done after that for a few days. I’m also expecting a reply on Monday from that awkward and stressful thing that I haven’t fully divulged, the thing I’ll have been waiting two weeks for by that point.

It’ll be nice to have less to do. It’s just a matter of how things have worked out. They’ve worked out badly, simply put!

At least I’m coughing less and less by the day 🙂 And hey look, it’s OneADay number 200! Hurrah.

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