Blog a Day 19of365: Cooking

For quite a long while I didn’t ‘do’ cooking. I did warming up food instead, sticking to trusty oven based food that didn’t require any real work. It just didn’t interest me, even more so considering for much of that time I was living on my own doing my Msc. I had the time spare considering I did hardly anything during that time other than play games and write the odd essay, but cooking isn’t overly enjoyable when it’s just for you. All that effort and five minutes later it’s eaten and there’s no one to exclaim how delicious/awful it was. So I didn’t bother despite occasionally wishing I had tastier food to eat.

Now though, besides growing up a bit, I’ve got more reason to cook. First of all it’s something new to do and I want to do more than just play games, and second of all I live with my Mum giving me not only someone to inflict my food upon, but also someone who doesn’t exactly want to live on oven based food every day of the week. I’m far from great and I’ve got a hell of a lot to learn but I really enjoy it.

I’ve been somewhat restricted during the broken foot incident due to my inability to stand for long periods of time (still more sore to do than walking around) but my options are getting better. Today I cooked my first chilli (albeit with quorn not beef as I’m not a fan of beef) which went reasonably well although needs some improvement as it wasn’t spicy enough for my liking. Friday I’m planning to cook a curry.

I love cooking curries despite being extremely inexperienced at them and cheating really. I tend to use shop bought curry paste (a huge sin I know) then mix in coconut milk, chickpeas, chicken, lots of chilli powder, the usual really. Before breaking my foot I was about to embark on making my own pastes from scratch, so hopefully I’ll be doing that very soon. I’ve got a pestle and mortar now which will help greatly! Alongside the curry will be a various assortment of Indian bits and pieces, samosas, bahjis and peshwari naan. Again shop bought. Again something I plan to cook myself soon. I did make bombay potatoes quite well a while ago but I need to perfect that. For now though, I’ll just be happy with the fact I’m cooking my delicious cheat curry on Friday!

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  1. Rachel

    Mixing your own spices for curries and chilli is half the fun – definitely give it a go! Fantastic you’re starting to enjoy cooking. Of all the skills my mum passed on to me, this is the one I get so much daily pleasure from.

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