Blog a Day 197of365: The best movie I’ve seen during the last year

That’s a scary question to answer at the start of this 30 days of movies thing! I’ve seen a ridiculous number of films in the past year thanks to free rentals and going to the cinema most weeks.

Having thought about it though, I’m going to go with A Single Man. It’s a stunningly good film. It’s also incredibly tragic and quite heartbreaking too.

It focuses on the life of Colin Firth’s character, a man who’s just suffered the loss of his partner subsequently throwing him into utter emotional turmoil. He’s got no reason to live any more and spends much of the film contemplating suicide. Reading back that summary, it sounds absolutely dire. It is in some ways. While there may be a few wry smiles at certain moments, it’s an extremely sad tale and far from a light film to see. It’s brilliant though.

Colin Firth finally demonstrates that he can act extremely well and can do more than just the bumbling romantic comedy lead. The cinematography is ridiculously well done with hardly a shot wasted. It’s directed by Tom Ford, the fashion designer, which ensures that the film look beautiful in its art direction.

Also, as much as it pains me to say, it’s clearly very accurately told. My Mum watched it with me and spent much of it in tears (unfortunate as we saw it at the cinema) because so many of the words that Firth utters are exactly how she feels.

It’s a film that I suspect many will avoid because no one likes to face seeing the despair of someone grieving so deeply. It’s also far from a film that you’d see for light entertainment. It’s worth watching though, oh so much worth watching. I won’t blame you if you only ever see it once though.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 197of365: The best movie I’ve seen during the last year

  1. Mark Raymond

    I liked it, and it is beautifully filmed, but it is very depressing. I also didn’t like the bit at the end where *SPOILER* his boyfriend appears to him as he slips into unconsciousness. It was hard to enjoy, not that that’s bad. Firth is great in it, too, as is Moore.

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