I feel terribly sad to see that PC Zone will be no more very soon. I used to be an avid subscriber once upon a time and really enjoyed its content. I’m also pretty sure I won a Geforce256 graphics card through their tips page nearly 10 years ago, although I now can’t remember if it was Zone or Gamer that I won it through! I used to subscribe to both back then.

I don’t deserve to feel sad or lament its loss though as I’m no doubt one of those people who contributed to its demise. Ok so maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as that, individually I’m not that important, collectively though…

I stopped subscribing sometime in the mid 2000s. I’d become much more of a console gamer so switched to multiplatform magazines such as Edge and Games TM. On the whole I bought fewer magazines because I had the internet to fulfil my needs. I still admired the likes of PC Zone from a distance but they weren’t matching my needs any more.

Only a few weeks ago I was looking in Asda, in the mood to buy a different magazine than usual. I very nearly picked up PC Zone but then I spotted the price, £5.99. I put it back and picked up a £2.99 Xbox magazine instead. £6 for a magazine with a demo disc that I’ll never use seemed a waste of money when all I wanted was a pleasant read.

Much like how I felt when Woolworths went under, I feel sad that a magazine I’ve expected to always be there, won’t be there any more. I’ll no doubt go out and buy the last issue, much the same as I went to Woolworths many times before they closed their doors.

It’s a bit late now though isn’t it? It almost seems ghoulish of me to even mention my sadness. I did nothing to stop the magazine’s demise so do I deserve to feel sad at the loss? Probably not.

I still do though. Poor little PC Zone, you rocked once upon a time. Then I, and many others, left you. Shame on us.

Blog a Day 196of365: RIP PC Zone