Blog a Day 195of365: Heart Warming Twitterdom

It’s nice to sometimes have a reminder of how good people can be to each other. I was reminded of this nicely earlier today when it came to figuring out a way of getting to London at the end of the month for a rather good press event.

So many people offered me various pieces of advice or suggestions of good, cheap places to stay. It was lovely to see. Even people who I only really know through other people like Cidergirli were lovely and helpful! It was positively heart warming to see. Amazing that so many people who hardly know me or just know me as text on a screen, can offer such support, encouragement and helpful advice! I was reminded of this a lot while my foot was bad but it’s always nice to have a top up. 🙂

I’m hopefully sorted now for being able to attend. Although it’ll be a bit on the expensive side, it should make for an excellent trip. I’m also really hoping to be able to meet up with a few London based friends even though time might be a bit tight!

Seemingly much like Sinan, I’ve felt in a bit of social limbo lately. I just don’t seem to have enough local friends. Many a week will go by where the only people I really see are my workmates. Fortunately I get on with them well, but it’s not the same as non work based friends! It doesn’t bother me all the time, just lately it’s been bugging me. Hopefully if I get to meet up with some friends in London, I’ll feel less alone in the world.

Plus while I’m there, I get to see some very exciting bits and pieces which has to be good!

Oh yeah and I still feel like death *groans*