Blog a Day 193of365: Can I go to bed please?

I had a grand plan to tackle my To Do list today. It’s quite hideously long after being out of action for the past week. Unfortunately I’m not actually well yet. I still have no energy and can hardly breathe. Very convenient.

The list is gradually feeling rather unwieldy and intimidating and while things were accomplished today, they didn’t feature on the list.

I spent much of the morning trying to phone someone rather important. Turns out they’re on holiday for the next two weeks so that was a waste of time. I don’t want to go into the details as it’s complicated and will only irritate me further. Nonetheless it was a stressful few hours and I still have no real result from it all which is bloody annoying.

Is it really paranoia if they are actually out to get you? Who knows.

The afternoon was spent feeling absolutely knackered so not much was accomplished there. A few notes written on a review and some editing of an article for Resolution, that was it. The To Do list is still there, taunting me.

Even better, tomorrow I’ve got to go to work. It should be a relatively quiet shift (only 3-6) but as it’s still an effort to walk upstairs, it’s going to be exhausting.

This week feels distinctly like it’s going to be an uphill struggle, and it’s only Monday! Hopefully something will just click and everything will come together and work out. For now though? I’d really rather just go back to bed for the week.

Bed rocks. No one expects anything of you and it’s lovely and comfortable. So can I go back to bed yet? Please?

One Thought to “Blog a Day 193of365: Can I go to bed please?”

  1. Dani

    how frustrating that you can’t get through to someone over something important (especially if they’ve sent you a letter, which it sounds like they did to contact them!) for 2 weeks! i hope it doesn’t worry you too much until then.

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