Blog a Day 192of365: Ugh Part Infinity

I’m STILL ill.

I am at least at the point where I don’t feel bad providing I don’t do anything. Once I start doing something useful though, ugh. I have at least managed to get some Reso stuff done and somehow I’m going to get a retrospective piece done for B4HD. Currently I’m not entirely sure how though as I’m ridiculously tired once more. No doubt once I finish writing this, I’ll be tired all over again too. Great!

On the plus side, it’s World Cup Final day and while I feel distinctly sad that my Dad isn’t here to watch it, I am looking forward to watching the match. My Mum’s going out shortly to buy a KFC bucket of chicken for the game which will be a lovely treat. Unfortunately my appetite isn’t entirely back to normal and my tastebuds aren’t playing ball but I’ll enjoy whatever I can eat at least!

From tomorrow we’re going back to eating reasonably healthy so got to enjoy the fried chicken while it’s there! 😉 I am looking forward to doing more cooking though. I want to experiment with more curries and try some other new bits and pieces that I haven’t decided on yet.

Tomorrow also brings an awkward phone call which could put me in a very bad mood though. We’ll see I guess.

For now though, I haven’t actually got the energy to worry too much. I guess that’s a sign of how crappy I still feel!

Thanks all for being patient and still reading my Ugh OneADays. Assuming people are actually still reading of course! 😉 Flu really does take it out of you!

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 192of365: Ugh Part Infinity

  1. Pete Davison

    I hate flu. I get an annual bout of it usually. I thought it was coming the other day but I seem to have shaken it off, for now at least.

    Hope you feel better soon! You have my sympathies 🙂

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