Blog a Day 191of365: Ugh Part Five (yes really)

This has been the hardest week to keep writing so far. I’ve felt completely drained both physically and mentally making every entry feel quite an effort to complete. While none of them have been thrilling in any way, I’ve strived to write 200-300 words rather than ‘wimp’ out and just write a sentence or two. It hasn’t been very easy though.

I wouldn’t say I’ve contemplated giving up but I have wished a few times that I could ‘forget’ to blog. I haven’t given in though so yay me!

As it stands though, I still feel dire and far too tired. I was meant to be in work tonight but phoned in sick which I hate doing. A rather stressful letter also arrived in the post which didn’t help things at all. I’ve got the joy of a stressful phone call about it on Monday which will be fun and could put me on a real downer. We’ll see anyway. I’ll no doubt explain more when I know more. It’s not health related or anything like that but it is stressful to say the least!

I’ve been trying to do something vaguely useful today. I tried to write my Theme Hospital retrospective for B4HD. I’ve started it but I’ll have to see if I can finish it tomorrow. Amazing how writing words can be so tiring!

I’ve also experienced the delights of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (about as good as the name suggests) and Total Wipeout (guilty pleasure!). Now I’m onto the football. If I can stay awake I might play some more Dragon Quest IX while I watch it too. We’ll see.

At least the ideas are returning to my brain, it’s just the energy to write about them that I’m lacking!

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  1. Chris Schilling

    My son thinks Total Wipeout is just about the funniest thing on telly. 🙂

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