Blog a Day 190of365: Ugh Part sodding Four

I feel very down today. I guess it’s a good sign really. It probably means that although I feel dire, I at least feel well enough to care that I feel like crap. For the first few days I really couldn’t care less, I just felt terrible.

Today though I feel distinctly unhappy that I still feel this exhausted and this crap, especially when it’s Saturday tomorrow. Saturday I’m meant to be at work for 5 hours. I’m also meant to be going to the local produce market which I absolutely love going to.

Currently though, my appetite is still not really there and I’m worn out simply walking downstairs let alone walking around the market. I’m also concerned that I haven’t got the energy for work either. Workmates appreciate that I’m ill as they’ve heard through my Mum and Facebook. But I don’t really fancy the idea of losing what is effectively half a week’s pay, or phoning in sick and possibly having to talk to my boss. He’s been on the war path as it is of late and I’d rather not be on the wrong end of it all. Then again I haven’t been off sick since before Christmas (admittely that was a long period of sickness though with my foot!) and if I feel like this tomorrow, I really don’t have the energy to keep going for more than five minutes. Even writing this is exhausting me!

Most of all though, I just want to feel well again. Having the energy to do things that I enjoy, and even the things that I hate, would be really, really nice.

For now though.