Today is officially Blue Monday unless you ask the Independent who seem to think it’s next Monday.

We should all be quite miserable today (check), the weather should be crap (check), we should be very broke (check) and we should all be looking for a new job (check).

Also I’ve still got some niggling bug which is bringing down my mood, so yes, blue Monday sucks.

In the grand scheme of things it could be worse, but today I still feel extremely lethargic and my mood is distinctly low. I had physio this morning and although it went well, I still feel deflated about my foot and I can’t help but focus on the negatives of the visit.

I couldn’t even really motivate myself to get much work done once I got home. A pity as I could have got a lot done today rather than dragging my heels and lamenting the lack of paid work rather than proactively doing something about it. I know I have plenty of things to do, places to try to pitch to and general bits and pieces, but I just don’t feel like it today. The fact I’m writing this is pretty good going really.

I’m not alone, numerous people have mentioned to me how lethargic they are today and how generally fed up they are for no particular reason.

As the Guardian article states, maybe today really is a day that should just be written off and we should all accept that nothing will be achieved until at least tomorrow.

On that note, I’m spending the evening seeing An Education at the local Arts Centre. Then I think I’m going to bed and hoping tomorrow I wake up with renewed enthusiasm.

Blog a Day 18of365: Blue Monday