Blog a Day 189of365: Ugh Part Three

It’s another blank day.

I really haven’t felt as crap as this in years. My appetite is back partially at least. I say back. I’ve eaten two slices of toast, a few digestive biscuits and some Quorn shepherd’s pie (yup even more). That’s not really a day’s food but it was all I felt able to eat. Plus when I ate the toast and pie I felt my temperature soar which wasn’t overly nice.

I’ve got work to go to on Saturday night which is starting to worry me a little but hopefully by then I’ll feel more able to survive the shift. I don’t really want to miss work, it’ll be expensive!

The highlight of the day was watching Toy Story 2 for the first time. It was good but it wasn’t as good as the first one I found. Very enjoyable though but it’s a Pixar film so that’s obvious!

The rest of the day was all about groaning and killing time.

My to do list is gradually growing although at least I’ve kept on top of my various inboxes. I still have hardly any urge to play a game, mostly because I’m just too tired to do so! The same can be said of writing or doing anything else of much worth. This bug has clearly hit me hard.

So sorry about the uninspiring entry for the third day in a row.

Roll on feeling better please!