Blog a Day 188of365: Ugh Part Two

For some foolish reason I didn’t really anticipate that I’d feel equally as terrible today as I did yesterday. I guess I was feeling hugely optimistic and assumed I’d feel better today. That was a mistake.

To be fair I don’t feel sick today and I did manage to eat something, but I still feel dire. I didn’t get out of bed till 2pmish today and it still felt incredibly difficult to find the energy to move. I don’t mean laziness, I mean overwhelming physical tiredness and lightheadedness. Horrible stuff.

I’ve managed a slice of toast and two small portions of quorn shepherd’s pie today though which is much improved from yesterday. Yesterday consisted of two small bites out of a slice of toast and that was it.

Losing my appetite is extremely unlikely me. I like food far too much usually. I’m far from fat and a perfectly decent weight but I assume I’m just bizarrely lucky on the metabolism front for now as I’m far from careful about what I eat!

So yeah no urge to eat is a very bad sign for me. I’m wondering if it’s flu actually. It feels too debilitating for a cold, or at least colds that I tend to get. Regardless though, it sucks hugely!

Feels like such a waste of a week too. Writing feels too much of an effort much like any form of movement. Not even had the urge for much gaming. I did have a nice time watching Toy Story 1 earlier at least.

Also I had a great coup with a review copy of Dragon Quest IX arriving courtesy of Nintendo. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into it when I’m not struggling to breathe.

For now though, tomorrow I’ll be spending as much of the day as possible asleep. Then I’ll struggle through another day in the desperate hope that I feel better on Friday!