Blog a Day 187of365: Ugh

A thought has been rolling around my head for the past 12 hours or so: must find energy to write my OneADay.

Finally I’ve succumbed to this thought. I still don’t have the energy but I can’t really let one pesky, heavy cold stop me in my quest to do a blog entry every day, can I?

Still, don’t expect anything special here. When it takes considerable energy to even press the keys down, it’s tough to find the energy to actually write coherent sentences. Also I tend to find my inspiration from something that happened that day. Today all I really did was groan and either lay in bed or sit slumped on the sofa.

I did watch an extraordinary amount of daytime television. Mostly episodes of Come Dine With Me along with Loose Women and This Morning. Exciting stuff eh?

I played some Lego Harry Potter at 6am when I couldn’t sleep. This led to some very surreal dreams between 8 and 11.

For the most part, I spent the day killing time. I feel bad enough that I just want the day to end so that hopefully I feel a little better tomorrow. Fortunately I haven’t got anything that has to be done until Saturday but I’d still rather feel myself as quickly as possible!

I haven’t had a cold for about two years so I guess I’m fortunate but ugh.

That’s about all I have to say really. I’m completely drained! At least I didn’t have work to go to today although I think I would have had to call in sick anyhow. I just hope that this is its peak!

2 Thoughts to “Blog a Day 187of365: Ugh”

  1. Poor you! Really hope you feel better again soon. I had a nasty flu-like bug a few months back and it absolutely knocked me for six. Fortunately, unlike flu, the worst was over in just a few days, so fingers crossed you similarly start to improve before long.

    Go gently honey! Huge hugs!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I really hate it when I have a proper, full on cold, especially when sleeping. So far I have had two games related fever dreams in my life. One was about Red Alert 3 and the other was Perfect Dark. It was really horrible as I was just playing the same sections of this over and over again in my head and it was driving me mad. During the Perfect Dark one I had to eventually give up on trying to sleep, and instead watched some Eccleston era Dr Who at four in the morning.

    I really hope that you don’t have a recurring Lego Harry Potter dream of a game section that you can never get past. It will make you mental.

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