Blog a Day 186of365: Embargoes

Two pivotal embargoes passed today at roughly the same time.

I spent the morning in a flurry of work. Most importantly, getting Resolution’s Crackdown 2 review ready for publishing in time for the 2pm embargo lift. I got there of course. It’s over here if you fancy a read. Kudos to my Mum for sorting out the header image which I’d initially made a total mess of editing. I might, hopefully, have some form of writing ability but I don’t have image editing skills! She’ll be doing quite a few of the images for Resolution from now on I think.

Once 2pm passed I hurriedly organised promoting the review. Besides promoting across Twitter, I submitted it to N4G and managed to get it listed on VG247 too which should provide the site with some useful hits!

Throughout all of this I had a bit of a sore throat. Nothing too bad but it was niggling. I figured it was nothing though and carried on doing my various bits and pieces.

Then I stopped working and went out to get some shopping. Big mistake. Evidently the moment that I stopped doing anything, my immune system gave up. Now I’m coughing like a mad, coughing person and I keep sneezing. My throat feels full of razor blades. Oh and I ache all over. Delightful!

It’s bizarre really. I felt fine when I woke up then the sore throat crept in and now I feel horrible. Obviously it was waiting to strike at 2pm along with all the Crackdown 2 reviews going live. Ugh.

I’ve got work to go to in less than an hour too. Double ugh.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 186of365: Embargoes

  1. Rachel

    Aw honey, that sounds miserable… can you really not take the evening off? Sounds like you should be snuggled up in bed getting better, not passing this on to everyone else and making yourself feel rotten in the process!

    Huge hugs. Hope it turns out to be some 24 hour thing that’s gone as soon as it arrived.

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