Blog a Day 185of365: Freewriting

20 minutes until I have to go to work. I need an idea to write about. Words are failing me so instead I’m going for a spot of freewriting. I haven’t done it in a while so it seems reasonable to do.

I was originally going to do a weekly update but for various reasons, not much has gone up this past week. However if you fancy a read, take a look at my preview of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and my opinion piece on whether DRM is necessary or just plain evil.

I’m still knackered from yesterday. Going to bed at 2amish certainly didn’t help! It was a good day at least.

I’ve spent most of the afternoon playing Lego Rock Band with my Mum. It was excellent fun although a pity she was struggling a bit. Neck/shoulder injury on her right side and carpal tunnel syndrome in her left wrist isn’t a great combination for successful guitar playing! We’ve completed it now which is a shame. We’ve had it since Christmas and we’ve still got a fair few setlists to 5* but it’s a pity that there’s no more storyline to it.

This also means we need to find something else as enjoyable to play. We’ve got Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour but it’s not the same. Rock Band 2 is much more enjoyable than GH:WT but it’s not quite as fun as Lego Rock Band. We tried Band Hero briefly but weren’t keen. Perhaps Guitar Hero 5 or even Guitar Hero Smash Hits depending on prices. For now though, we’ll finish getting everything possible out of Lego Rock Band.

Boo, 15 minutes till I go to work. Fortunately a short shift. Mixed blessings though. I’m tired but I like being paid a reasonable amount and a 3 hour shift doesn’t really help my finances!

Actually I wouldn’t mind some time to do a few bits and pieces before I get ready, so I’m finishing this here.

Tomorrow will bring an OneADay that will be absolutely fascinating. Probably.