Blog a Day 184of365: A Sense of Belonging

Today was mostly spent at my Aunt and Uncle’s new house. The original plan was to help them unpack some more boxes and generally help around the house. Instead we just had a very enjoyable day. Crucially it gave me a huge sense of feeling as if I belong somewhere. Something that I’ve felt far too infrequently lately!

My Uncle’s parents were there and we hadn’t seen them in about three years. They acted like we’d only seen them yesterday though which instantly made us feel more welcome.

We all went to the local village fete which was wonderfully old fashioned. Besides the usual tombola and random cheap book stall, it also had ‘Whack a rat’ which my 8 year old cousin adored, various other games and a coconut shy which my 10 year old cousin much enjoyed. It was a rather quaint affair but really enjoyable. Even a brass band!

We wandered off to the nearby pub for a few drinks standing outside as it was packed. It was lovely. So relaxing to get away from everything for a while. Watching the kids mess around with my Uncle’s parents colliedoodle dog on the village green. Ridiculously quaint really!

Wandering back after a few hours we took a detour through the churchyard as it was all so scenic. Finally once we got home, my Aunt and Uncle treated us all to Chinese takeaway for dinner.

Then I spent a while playing with the kids, something I’ll admit would have scared the life out of me once upon a time! Turns out I’m much better than I used to be with kids. I guess because I’ve grown up a lot in recent years. Even trusted them with my iPhone as they were desperate to take photos with it.

We didn’t leave till gone 10pm meaning we didn’t get home till 11ish so it really was a full day out.

It was lovely. The best part was feeling like I belonged somewhere and that people genuinely cared about me and my Mum. I could be completely myself, something that I really don’t get in many other places. It was comfortable, just the right sort of comfortable.

Extended family wasn’t as big a deal for me a few years ago. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy their company (at least in the case of the people I spent today with, who I love dearly!) but I guess it didn’t feel as important to me as it does now. My Aunt’s a fantastic link to my Dad and she’s an extremely caring person. My cousins have turned into brilliant kids that I enjoy spending time with.

I feel grateful that I have them.

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  1. Chris Schilling

    What a charming and lovely post. Really happy for you that you seem to have found that sense of belonging.

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