Blog a Day 183of365: Socialising

I was going to blog about the trials and tribulations of putting together the DVD racks that I bought in Ikea yesterday. I haven’t actually done it yet though which makes it a bit tricky to write about.

Instead I haven’t really achieved anything unless you count a couple of Lego Harry Potter achievements. I don’t really count those unfortunately so it’s been a pitiful day.

I’m off out this evening so I’d rather get this OneADay out of the way sooner rather than later. Only going to a family friend’s for dinner but it should be nice.

Turns out my social life is rather poor anyhow. I was checking my mobile phone bill last night. I used up 60 minutes (most of those to work or relatives) and 43 texts…..43! I used to send more than that in a day. Again they were mostly to family. Oh the shame of it all.

I’m not entirely sure where you’re meant to meet people now. I’ve got workmates, I know them well enough. Unfortunately as it’s all shift work, it’s awkward to actually arrange anything, especially when you throw in that many of them have families! I don’t really want to learn something on a college evening course and last time I did, I didn’t really make any friends. So er, where do you meet new people? Any ideas?

I say this. At this moment in time, I’d quite like a quiet weekend. It’s going to be a busy one instead though! Hopefully I’ll find some time to put together the aforementioned DVD racks.

*reads that back* Damn I need to get a life!

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