Blog a Day 182of365: Ikea

First of all, yes I was correct. Today is actually the halfway point of the year not yesterday. I’m not adjusting the entries though as it was close enough anyhow! Well done everyone for getting this far 🙂 Both contributors and readers alike!

Anyway, I went to that slightly surreal place, Ikea, today.

I really like Ikea even if the very fact that I love it makes me feel increasingly old. The local one is in Cardiff about 50 miles away so it tends to turn into almost a day trip for us. We haven’t been in over a year since before I broke my foot as it’s too far a drive for my Mum to do. It was nice to get there at last and it felt like quite a good demonstration of how far my foot has come.

I drove of course and had no problems besides some stiffness. The long walk around Ikea was tiring and my feet certainly ache now, but I still managed it which is the main thing!

We spent much of the trip looking at things rather than buying anything. My Mum bought some weird looking thing for putting carrier bags in. I bought two DVD racks. I only actually really needed one but thanks to the Ikea sale, they only cost £6.25 each which then went down to £5.63 after our Ikea member discount, bargain! So I bought two. I’ve already got a DVD rack which doesn’t match but it can go in the living room instead and I won’t have to worry about running out of space for a while. Looks like each DVD rack will take about 100 boxes each!

We were looking at kitchens and sofas quite a lot of the time. We were meant to be getting a new kitchen fitted a couple of years ago. My Mum and Dad went and looked, picked out their kitchen with a plan of getting it done the following summer. Then my Dad died and money got much, much tighter.

We’re hoping that maybe when we move house, as we’ll be downsizing, that we can get a new kitchen then. A similar tale is the case with a sofa as I’d love one in my room but as my financial situation also changed drastically in that time, it’s a pipedream for now.

Despite such sadness though, it was nice to browse.

We also had to eat there. It’s such a vast place, it seems only right to stop for provisions. When we first got there, I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I had a portion of chips first of all. Halfway round the store we stopped at the restaurant and I had chocolate fudge cake while my Mum had coffee and walnut cake. Then at the end of our trip, she had a hotdog while I just had a drink. Indulgent eating all round yes, but very nice too!

It’s quite surreal walking around a store so large that you do lose track of time and where you actually are. Fun though in a really domesticated sort of way that makes me realise I’m not quite a teenager any more!

Best of all, my foot held up well. Oh and I learnt that I can carry 10kgs (one of the DVD racks) which I know I used to struggle with hugely due to being a wimp. Hopefully that means I can be a bit more useful when it comes to other forms of heavy lifting too! So many things around the house that seem to require a strong pair of arms, something we sorely lack.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 182of365: Ikea

  1. Dani

    I could spend all day in ikea! It’s a shame the nearest one for us is quite a trip away too. & maybe for someone 8 1/2 months pregnant, all day in ikea wouldn’t be the best plan!
    Aww, ikea food is so, so reasonable price wise, you’re allowed to indulge in it! I, like many others, am hooked on their meatballs! & they do awesome cupcakes too!

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