Blog a Day 181of365: The Halfway point?

I’m positively confused upon reading other OneADays today. Is this the halfway point? Isn’t the halfway point tomorrow? Or am I confused? Or even worse did I miss a day?! I don’t remember missing a day and I find it very unlikely I did so erm……eh?

Regardless both Rhiarti and Mike Grant have declared it the halfway point so I’ll assume it is. Especially as I haven’t got anything else to write about anyhow.

Edit: Double checking everything possible, this is the 181st day of the year and I haven’t missed a day. So I’m in the clear, phew, I was worried I’d missed a day somehow!

What’s changed in the past 6 months for me then? Erm I feel a bit worried that not enough has actually. I’m still not really earning much for my writing. Only a piece here and there for and some work for GamePeople. It’s disheartening, there’s no doubt about that. I feel like I work hard enough to be paid by someone, just haven’t gained the right opportunity yet.

Fortunately I enjoy writing enough and am in a position that means I can still carry on. Which leads me onto the most recent development: I’m editor of Resolution now. Something that I couldn’t possibly have imagined becoming at all if someone had told me 6 months ago. So that’s very nice!

I wanted to dig through my old posts to look at certain entries. Instead I’ve realised how appalling my site is currently designed meaning that it’s very difficult to dig through posts easily.

Having said that, I’m rather happy with my 10 ways to annoy a retail worker piece. There’s not a work day that goes by without one of these things happening!

I’ve done a lot of reminiscing too, here, here and oh so many times about my Dad. It probably says a lot about whether I’m looking to the future or the past a lot of the time!

I groaned about my foot a fair bit too.

Maybe by the end of the year I’ll have got round to a redesign and a better way of searching through posts.

One important thing though: please, if you’re able to, read this entry and consider chipping a couple of quid in.

It might not make millions but every penny counts and it’d be nice to think OneADay has been worthwhile in some small way. 🙂