Blog a Day 180of365: Playstation Plus Early Impressions

So I was one of those people who decided to give Playstation Plus a go.

I like my PS3 a lot. It’s not my main console as cross-platform titles are typically bought for the 360. I’ve played all the PS3 exclusives though and I love watching Blu-rays and downloading Ps1 classics.

Playstation Plus seemed like a good bet to me, at least for a few months. I’ve been meaning to buy Wipeout HD for ages so it made sense. I’ve only signed up for a 3 month subscription as I didn’t have the money spare for the full year. A free copy of LittleBigPlanet wasn’t a big deal for me as I already own it.

Once I’d clicked the few buttons needed to subscribe, I was then offered a nice, long list of freebies. Regardless of how appealing the products actually are, there’s something quite satisfying about clicking ‘Add to cart’ to so many things at once.

It’s quite a nice line up for the first month. Wipeout HD is the main delight on offer. I haven’t played it yet but I adored the PS1 games so this should be right up my street. I’ve heard excellent things of Field Runners and Age of Zombies so good call on those minis. The PS1 classic this month is Destruction Derby. I loaded it up for five minutes and cringed at the terrible graphics on offer. I’m not one to discard a game based solely on its graphics but it really has aged terribly. Hopefully once I transfer it to my PSP, it won’t look quite so bad.

Besides the full games on offer, there’s a few trials and random bits and pieces available too.

I’ve downloaded the Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium DLC despite hardly playing Killzone 2. I figured I’d paid for this subscription after all, I’m getting everything possible out of it. I didn’t bother with the full game trials of Shatter and Savage Moon. I already own Shatter and have no interest in Savage Moon.

Two themes and avatars were the other real bonuses. There’s a LittleBigPlanet theme and some SCEE theme that sounds like marketing more than anything. Oh plus two Fat Princess avatars which I doubt I’ll use.

Not tried the Automatic download thingy yet. Not even sure how to actually! LittleBigPlanet seems like a good test for it considering I haven’t played it in a very long time so it’s bound to have been patched 101 times since.

Also you get a little yellow Playstation Plus cross next to your name to show that you’re a ‘posh’ member. Gimmicky yes. I suspect it’ll just cause people to make fun of me more than anything else.

Next month’s offering won’t be so thrilling for me. I don’t really like pinball games and Zen Pinball is the free PSN game next month. The PS1 classic is Medievil and I suspect I won’t actually play much of it. I own one of the minis (Blast-Off) and the Heavy Rain theme. I don’t even have Motorstorm Pacific Rift to use the free DLC.

As long as the third month, yet to be announced, offers some compelling things, I’ll feel I’ve got my money’s worth.

Will I resubscribe after those three months are up? Not sure yet. It’s going to depend on two things. What future months offer and how my finances are doing.

My Xbox Live Gold membership runs out at the end of July and I can’t decide with that either. I only tend to play multiplayer games for reviewing purposes as I’m a fairly anti social gamer. I’ll probably revert to Silver membership until I need Gold for something. As it stands I don’t feel like I’m gaining anything from it.