Blog a Day 179of365: Hobbies for Work

Leaving OneADay until after I returned from work was not the wisest of ideas. I don’t feel overly able to form a coherent sentence which is never great. I did consider something while wandering around work though.

Everything I do for ‘work’ focuses on hobbies I love. Watching DVDs and playing games basically, nothing too complicated. Is this a good idea though?

I used to wander around the place that I now call the ‘day’ job, idly looking at the cheap DVDs and games. Often I’d make a cheap purchase or two. I didn’t know any of the staff in any way and due to the laid back nature of the place, I could just take my time and browse for ages. It was nice. It was escapism.

Now though, I wander in on my days off and chat to the staff because they’re my workmates. I’m certainly not complaining. They’re brilliant people and I’d dearly love to stay in touch with them once I leave.

I don’t get to be a customer any more though. While I can browse, I’m not anonymous in any way. And people make fun of my odd choices sometimes…Can’t really blame them though!

Mostly though, working there means that I don’t really want to stare at DVD boxes quite as much as I used to. I already do it while being paid anyway so why would I so much as a customer?

The same is the case with games. I have to play some terrible games for the sake of my work. No amount of easy achievements for example will convince me to play a game. Not like it used to. A game has to be compelling to keep me playing otherwise what’s the point? There’ll only be other games that I’ll have to play anyway.

I should probably get some more hobbies really. That’d solve it all but I suspect passions aren’t something you get very easily, and there’s no denying I’ve got a passion for films and games.

On that note, I’m going to play a game while watching a f…ootball match.