Blog a Day 178of365: Hectic Weekend

It’s been a very long weekend. Quite stressful too.

I was exhausted all Saturday after such a busy day Friday. I had to go to work though, annoyingly earlier than I planned as someone had called in sick. Off I went, 5pm till 10.30pm. It was going ok too. I’d just achieved all my targets for the day, it wasn’t insanely busy like it usually is on a Saturday and the end was in sight.

Then at about 8.30pm I got a call off my Mum. Very unusual and obviously the sign of a problem. My Grandmother had had a fall. My Mum was worried as she sounded odd on the phone and she couldn’t get up. She lives an hour away though and my Aunt, who lives 20 minutes away from her, wasn’t answering her phone. To cut a long and boring story short, I left work early and we headed to my Grandmother’s.

She was fine, just very badly shaken up. Bit worrying that she may have blacked out briefly though. We cleaned up the debris (she’d been carrying plates at the time and they were smashed to pieces) and stayed with her until she was calmer.

We got home about midnight. Even more tired than before work. Everything ached and my feet were very sore. Looks like she’ll be going to warden assisted accommodation soon I think.

Today could have been relaxing. It probably should have been. However, while part of it was very enjoyable, it was still tiring!

I went to see some family friends as it was their 2 year old’s birthday. So I spent much of the afternoon with their 7 year old who wanted to show me his DS games and his Match Attax collection. It was fun though, even if I did feel old when he showed me his card of Gary Lineker and I realised I was nearly his age during Italia 90! Lovely kid though. Lovely family all round so it was a good afternoon 🙂

Then I returned for the stress of V+ed England versus Germany. Ugh. My voice has gone now from shouting at the TV so much. A pathetic performance and England deserved to go out. I’d ramble more, mostly about how they couldn’t even keep to their formation and had no discipline, but it’s not worth my time really!

At least the rest of the World Cup will be less stressful and I can just enjoy the matches!

So yes, I’m in dire need of a weekend to recover from this weekend.

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  1. Psymonkee

    Sorry to hear about your Gran 🙁 Got similar problems with my uncle but he’s 400 miles away 🙁

    On the positive side only 5 days till the weekend 😉

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