Blog a Day 177of365: Weekly Roundup

Hurrah weekly roundup time. Yeah ok maybe not hurrah. I’ve got to go to work earlier than expected today and I’m absolutely exhausted after yesterday. Almost every muscle in my body aches. I’m very excited about going to work for 5 and a half hours today instead of four, no really.

Anyway. It’s been an exciting week on the writing front. No extra paid work unfortunately but I am now editor at Resolution which is a huge honour, and a little bit scary too! Mostly exciting though 🙂

On the writing front, four of my pieces went live this week, and here they are:

First up was my review of the third episode of Season 3 of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse. It’s a rather good game too.

The more I play Sam & Max’s latest episodes, the more comfortable I feel in the environment. I’ve forgiven The Devil’s Playhouse for its initially bemusing console-esque interface. Instead, I’ve spent more time smiling in Sam & Max’s company than I have with any other game this year. The bizarre twosome might come out with some deeply cynical comments but they always feel light hearted and never world weary. How could they feel weary of the world when their world is so bizarre after all? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone goes and steals Max’s brain.

Full review

Then there was my iPhone roundup for Resolution. Pinch was the real gem in the roundup this time round.

Pinch is easily the pick of the bunch this time round. You take control of Norbs, coloured blobs basically. You have to manoeuvre these Norbs through a maze, collecting up as many of the other Norbs as possible. The Norbs can change in size and colour depending on how you merge them. This is all done by pinching the screen, hence the name.

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Following that was my Considered Gamer piece on Red Dead Redemption. Fantastic game with more depth to it than I expected. Wasn’t originally going to review this as I purchased it like a normal consumer. I had things I wanted to say about it though so thought it’d work well with the GamePeople style.

Red Dead Redemption wants to be about shocks and controversy, but underneath there’s a story we can all relate to – a father wanting the best for his family at any price. I’ve never really been a fan of the stories told in Grand Theft Auto. While they’ve been terrific fun in an excessively violent sort of way, I’ve never taken them seriously. Their crude humour dampens any emotional effect the story might offer. Red Dead Redemption feels more mature though. While it still offers humour and familiar elements from the Grand Theft Auto series, it does it all with a grownup head on its shoulders that makes the whole experience more profound.

Full review

Finally, the very light hearted Snoopy Flying Ace. Good fun though!

Snoopy crossed with Crimson Skies: it’s a strange concept to imagine but it works surprisingly well. I didn’t expect it. As much as I love Snoopy and the Peanuts crew, I couldn’t see how a dogfighting game based around the colourful characters could really work. I figured it’d be cute but ultimately as terrible as many of the movie tie in games are. I was pleasantly surprised.

Full review

That’s a wrap for one week, I need to get to work in less than an hour. What fun.