Blog a Day 176of365: Moving House

Moving house is knackering isn’t it?

It wasn’t even my house move, it was my Aunt and Uncle that were moving!

I’ve been out for 12 hours today doing all sorts of rather physical work. To be fair it’s a testament to my foot’s recovery that I was able to do this even if it does rather hurt now. The rest of me also rather hurts though!

Before we got to their new house, my main job was checking the cats were ok while they were stuck in their cat cages. This was pretty easy as long as I didn’t mind feeling bad for them as they wouldn’t stop whining the place down!

Once we got to the new house though, it all got rather physical. They’ve moved to a much, much bigger house and there was a lot to do. I pretty much spent my time sorting out the kitchen and finding a home for everything. The boxes felt never ending but I managed it eventually. Some bloody heavy boxes though!

It was quite fun though. It was nice helping them and very satisfying. Being rewarded with a cheese pasty and chips from the chip shop was nice too!

It’s good to see them all settled in now and I’m pleased to see my little cousins seem happy to be in their new homes.

Going back to see them next weekend to help out a bit more which should be nice. Hopefully things will be a bit more organised too!

I’ve never really moved house before nor helped anyone else move so it was an interesting experience for me. In living memory I’ve only ever lived in the one house excluding a year in Stafford which wasn’t quite the same as moving properly. I’ve got quite mixed feelings about the prospect of moving house one day. However I’m very pleased to see my Aunt and Uncle so happy about it all. There were a lot of very fond memories in their old house. It’ll be weird to not go back there.

Oh and apologies if this doesn’t make overly coherent sense. I really am that tired! *wanders off to bed and hopes she doesn’t ache too much in the morning*

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