A friend has just pointed out to me that he’s not convinced that I’ve submitted an OneADay after 12am yet. I know I’m fine to blog later as long as I haven’t gone to bed, however now I’ve got a stubborn urge to keep up the pre-12am thing.

It’s daft really. It’s all down to my perverse pride and stubbornness. Always a recipe for disaster.

Having said that I’m going to stick to my original topic for the day. It’s been floating around my head for the last few days.

It’s amazing, when you start to look, just how many people have problems. That sounds ridiculously obvious I know. But I mean problems that mean they dread getting up in the morning or they feel anxious over something, or that they’re deeply lonely. Things that feel overwhelming at times but they carry on without anyone noticing. So many people putting on an act pretending everything’s fine. Until you scratch the surface and realise that they’re struggling along. They’re surviving sure, but happy? Not so much.

It’s a shame. It makes me wish there could be some sort of emotional amnesty day where everyone says exactly how they feel.

There are a few people I see regularly that every now and then let out a tiny bit of information that makes you realise that their life isn’t quite so perfect. It’s a shame that people can’t just be more open.

I guess in many ways that the problem is people don’t want to admit it to themselves, let alone others. I know that’s certainly the case with me.

So yeah. Odd ramble over. I do honestly think people should be more open though!

Blog a Day 175of365: Openness