Blog a Day 172of365: Changes

So changes are afoot again. I’m editor at Resolution now!

Honestly didn’t expect to be offered the role but Lewis and Dan felt that I was the right (wo)man for the job and I gladly accepted.

It’s a big thing to commit to and I can’t deny being a little intimidated right this second although mostly excited. Last time I did something similar was around this time last year where I was UK editor for GamesAreEvil. That only lasted a few months because it just got a bit too much to handle simply put. Resolution are bigger than this but having said that I have a very capable deputy editor in the form of Steve and an excellent news editor Brendan. I’m also theoretically that bit wiser and know that working myself into the ground is not a good idea at all. Something that I didn’t seem to realise last year, although to be fair I was laid up with a broken foot! My foot was clearly connected to my brain 😉

I’ve loved Resolution since the day I stumbled across it so hopefully I can continue with the high quality it currently offers.

So yes it’s exciting and I’m rather excited funnily enough! Onwards and upwards and all that!

I’ve been worn out all day presumably left over from the trials of yesterday but it’s been an ok day. I’ve been working hard and the Dreamcast that Rhiarti sent me arrived today. She also had some great news so congratulations to her!

For now, I’m going to step away from the laptop (or at least the work side of the laptop) and have a relax in front of the football. I think I’ve earned it!