Blog a Day 171of365: Father’s Day

So it’s Father’s Day today. Not the nicest of days for me or many others in a similar situation to me.

The marketing certainly hasn’t helped as I mentioned the other day. The last few days TV advertising certainly seems to have ramped up a bit which has been tricky.

Fortunately where I work, we didn’t have any displays for Father’s Day things so at least I didn’t have to contend with that. I booked the day off work which was very wise. Yesterday I was in work but I felt mostly dreadful. Ironically because I threw myself into work so enthusiastically in order to counteract the crapness, I probably appeared the happiest person in the entire shop. Also sold a load of things which will keep my boss happy.

Today though I’d rather hide away or at least do things that I choose to do rather than work. What that is, I’m not entirely sure. I still don’t quite feel ready for the whole ‘spending the day talking about happy memories’ thing. It’s just a bit too tricky stil. I can do it randomly when I’m reminiscing with someone but not in an enforced manner. I’ve noticed it’s the same with a few people though so at least I’m not alone there.

The problem with Father’s Day is it feels like everyone else is having fun but me. This isn’t the case. The rational side knows it’s not. For every person with a loving and happy family, there’ll sadly be many others who aren’t anywhere near as happy. I guess marketing and general comments from people reminds me of what I could have still had though.

I do so hate feeling so down about something that I can do absolutely nothing about to fix. It’s the most frustrating form of sadness of them all.

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  1. Sam

    Have a hug 🙁 It’s scant consolation, I’m afraid, but you’re welcome to it

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