Blog a Day 170of365: Weekly Roundup

Weekly roundup time as I’m off to work shortly. Quite pleased with my offerings this past week which is rather nice 🙂

First up was my retrospective piece on Theme Park for B4HD. I loved that game far too much. In fact I’m still playing it avidly now in the evenings after getting it to work in DOSBox. I’m a real capitalist when it comes to business sims. Odd really considering my real views on sales and selling!

I acquired all my business acumen through Theme Park. Thanks to the ever cheery, but secretly deeply cynical title I knew just how to manipulate innocent consumers. It was easy. Set up a French Fries stall, put huge quantities of salt on the fries then watch the thirsty people flock to the cola stall. Obviously it was just good business sense to put the price of the drinks up and put gratuitous quantities of ice into each cup, thus keeping overheads down.

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Then there was my review of Monster Hunter: Tri for VideogameUK. It’s really a rather good game.

We’ve heard it all before. The misinformed comments about how the Wii isn’t a ‘hardcore’ console, how the Wii is forever collecting dust and isn’t worth anyone’s time. While once upon a time the comments levied at it may have had a semblance of truth, this time is long gone. Just look at No More Heroes 2 for instance, visceral and distinctly mature. The same can be said of the woefully underrated Dead Space: Extraction. Now we come to Monster Hunter Tri, a game that might not look vicious but hides an incredibly challenging and deep experience. It might be a bit of a slow burner but persevere through the first few hours and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is a title squarely aimed at the long term player rather than the casual newbie.

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Then there was Alpha Protocol for Resolution. What a messy game it was! Go read about it, it’s awkward to sum up fairly in only a line or two.

I’m utterly conflicted when it comes to Alpha Protocol. On the one hand I enjoyed the game’s narrative and its subtle nuances that make you think you can influence the game’s path. On the other hand I cringed at the oh so many moments that made me realise that Alpha Protocol is a badly constructed game. It’s a confusing mess, but one that, despite my better judgement, I did enjoy in places. Just not enough places to warrant me recommending it to anyone.

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Finally was my roundup/summary of the Nintendo press conference at E3. I rather enjoyed it. I didn’t expect to but I really did.

Love him or loathe him, you’ve got to admit that Reggie Fils-Aime is a personality and a half. Clearly a born seller, he knows how to sell Nintendo well. Not that he had to try too hard this year as Nintendo have clearly pulled out all the stops to put on a fantastic show with some impressive things on display.

Reggie the born salesman points out that Nintendo is raising the bar, and well yes they are. While a few new IPs wouldn’t have gone amiss, there’s no denying it’s fantastic to see some much loved favourites return. Evolution rather than revolution is clearly the name of the game this year for Nintendo.

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That’s a wrap for this week. Plenty more to come for next week I’m sure!